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Experienced in Immigration Law
Austin Immigration Lawyer Norma Rocha has practiced in Immigration and Naturalization law for seventeen years. The attorney Norma Rocha has handled all types of cases from relative petitions, employment petitions, waivers, naturalizations, and deportation defense. The attorney attends numerous hours of continuing legal education each year to stay on top of the constantly changing immigration laws.

Representing Clients
The Immigration laws are complex. Every case is different due to the individual facts. The attorney will take the time to consult with the client. The attorney will evaluate and recommend the best option to handle your specific immigration case. The attorney will explain in detail the process and handle all aspects of the case from initial filings to final interviews. The law office will keep you informed throughout the processing of your case.

Many people have relied on family and friends and the internet for guidance on their immigration case. Many times these cases encounter numerous road blocks that can cost you time and extra money. Let the experienced attorney Norma Rocha help you with your immigration case to avoid frustations and potential problems.

Many of our clients are based on REFERRALS from our previous clients. The attorney has satisfactorily helped many people in the Austin, TX area with their immigration cases. Contact our office to schedule an in person or telephone consultation.

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