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The attorney, Norma Rocha, is here to help you navigate the complicated laws and policies of immigration law. She will use her 25 years of experience in immigration law to provide you with the most effective legal counsel. The attorney will offer detailed and personalized attention throughout your entire immigration process.

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Do you need an attorney? An experienced attorney will evaluate and guide you through the complicated and changing immigration laws and policies. Every case is different in this type of law because every person’s facts and history are different. It is important to discuss in detail with the attorney your immigration history. The attorney, Norma Rocha, will listen and evaluate your case to determine if you are eligible under the current immigration laws. The attorney will explain the process and options available to your case. She will assist and handle all aspects of the case from filing to preparing for final interviews at USCIS or US Consulates. The attorney’s goal is to provide affordable and effective legal representation.

The Law Office of Norma Rocha has satisfactorily assisted hundreds of individuals and families in the Austin and Round Rock, TX area. The attorney, Norma Rocha, is here to help you avoid frustrations and roadblocks as you navigate the immigration process. Call to schedule your appointment, email us, or use the form on this website.

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Family-Based Immigration

We help US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents sponsor family members to immigrate to the US or adjust their status.

Waivers of Inadmissibility

We help clients apply for grounds of inadmissibility using certain waivers such as I601 and I601A so that they can enter or remain in the US lawfully.


We guide our lawful permanent resident clients with 3 or 5 years of residency who would like to obtain US citizenship. We evaluate if they meet the requirements to apply for naturalization.

Removal of Conditions

We represent our conditional permanent resident clients to obtain the removal of these conditions through proper documentation and representation.

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